Friday, June 7

..::The END::..

 photo 38e3dae63270923b00b58bba1925a6e0_zpsc24c75ed.jpg

Its the end of an era. The era of my first blog. The 
blog I began because I was bored at work during my first
years of employment. The era that marks my transition from
early 20 something to an actual adult. Let's be real, life
is just now starting to feel like real grown up life.....most days.
Although I can be almost certain that no one visits here anymore, 
I felt it needed a proper end - a goodbye.  I can promise
that this won't be the last blog post I ever write, but it is the
last post in the chapter. I've had a lot of time to think
this week (being couch bound sicker than sick) and I can
tell you one thing - things are happening. Things are on 
the horizon. My dreams big, my talent real, and my
persistence unrelenting. No is going to hand me my dreams,
so its about time I start making my destiny come to life. 
When I launch my brand, I'll be sure to update here....
stay tuned!! More exciting things to come!


Wednesday, February 13

..::To Do Today::..

My to-do list is a mile and a half long. Le sigh. 
I need a month long vacay just to do all the things 
I want to do. How do people "do it all?" I guess
I'll never really know... but I do know that I
can accomplish the above everyday and that's a 
feat in itself! Cheers!

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Monday, February 11

..::Full Blown Domesticated Lady::..

 photo a70c230d8c89ecdb5bf1cd5ec00ae64c_zps78b8b735.jpg

There are many milestones in life that make you
feel as if you've finally graduated into adulthood. 
For some that can be marriage, babies, or mortgages. 
The following statement just about sums up my moment, 
"This weekend we purchased a Kenmore washer and dryer at Sears. 
We are like real adults over here now. I HAVE MY
OWN LAUNDRY ROOM!?!" I feel exactly like the
1950's housewife in the above ad, minus the hat. 
Only real adults shop at Sears and buy appliances.
Domestic Goddess at your service....


Wednesday, January 30

..::Sugar Coated Life::..

 photo d9e69701c64a917733f5b592a1986efe_zps6b398555.jpg

This used to be my favorite space. My favorite time
of day and lately there is just no time at all to pay a visit. This is equal parts good and bad. Its good because my life is so blessed and there is a lot keeping me busy. Bad because I miss it here. This space where I used to spill my guts and share my adventures. I never did this for anyone else, really it was always just for me and truly I need it in my life. I'm packing up our entire apartment and missing my Manfriend who is 3,000 miles away in NYC. Pity party for one - wine and cupcakes please! 

Monday, January 28

..::Shine Bright....Like Glitter::..

 photo tumblr_mfej5kKbhf1rrd8u8o1_500_zps5dd62700.jpg

I strive to be this person in my everyday life.
Glitter, it's truly amazing in every way. 
Happy Monday Sparkly people and a special
thanks to my friend EC, one of the most sparkliest
I know, for sharing this with me!

Tuesday, January 8

..::The Beginning::..


2013. Here goes nothing....

Monday, December 31

..::Bells Will be Ringing::..


December sure did fly by! Feeling rested and
relaxed as we head into the last day of 2012. 
A week in a snowy Tahoe cabin will do that
to a girl and it came just in time. I feel prepared
to jump straight into 2013 and hit the ground
running where it will lead me is not certain, but
one thing is for sure, it will be fabulous. 
Looking forward to a wonderful night dressed
up with my manfriend by my side, sipping champagne! Cheers!

Thursday, November 29

..::Pink Perfection::..


Everyone deserves to have pink pancakes
at least once in their life right? These look
delish and after a long week I'm looking forward
to a nice relaxing weekend with some yummy
extended brunch time with my love. Time
to settle into this wonderful holiday season. 

Wednesday, November 21

..::The Ultimate Happy Pill::..


There are fewer things in life that make me
happier than things that add sparkle to my day.
Today in particular, on the day I was born, I was
extremely excited when I came across this photo
of glitter pills. For those days when you just
need a little happiness boost, open the
pill and throw the glitter in the air. Love it.